when does this even happen like bye

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i feel like i need a week to recover bc what if the cop’s hand would’ve slipped he had a gun pointed right in my direction i would’ve died

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can we have a moment of silence for how boy’s jawlines look when they’re drinking water or chewing gum


Selena arriving in Oslo, Norway to visit Justin after his concert (April 18, 2013) 


Justin tweeted this when Selena met up with him in Oslo, Norway (April 18, 2013) 



how do we even decide what our favorite colors are, are our brains just like “i like green because yea”

Just asked this in my Philosophy class… my Prof. had to sit down.


im so tired but ill probably be awake until 3 am for no reason


please do not be mean to dogs they are only trying to help


kylemassey: It’s a #platinum affair at the studio! BIG CONGRATULATIONS to @soundzfake and @justinbieber And the WHOLE Team on the success of #BELIEVE #BELIEBERS R REAL

turns out a guy shot someone and ditched the evidence in my school’s parking lot and it escalated into a full on swat team showing up welp

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